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Smoothening Facial Lift

More radiant, smooth and softer skin

Sculptor Firme

Melt fat, tighten skin and firm muscles

Rose Petals Facial

More youthful appearance on your skin

Ultra Lipo

Non-invasive / non-surgical treatment

Charlie Beau Slimming and Beauty Spa

  • CHARLIE BEAU aims to provide individually designed non-surgical treatments to help our clients look better and feel better without having to undergo risky surgical procedures.

    • Clients whose only option is non-invasive, non surgical means to attain her/his ideal body weight or body contour.
    • Clients with ideal body weight who wishes to re-contour or reshape her/his body.
    • Clients who are overweight or obese who wishes to attain her/his ideal body weight without exercise activities
    • Clients who want to improve body skin problems like stretch marks after pregnancy or due to overweight.
    • Clients who want to restore youthful appearance and combat the effect of aging process, photo-ageing, and ill effects of chemical pollutants on the skin through the CHARLIE'S way.
  • To ensure the uniqueness of our services, we have committed ourselves to transmit this set standard in our services.

    Quality of products, Quick Delivery and Fast Response, Excellent Customer Service, and Good Communication